Friday, June 18, 2010

Ready, Set...Not Yet

Well, you have probably gathered by now that my premonition did not come true. I really thought and hoped my birthday would bring a healthy new heart, but it looks like I’ll have to wait a little longer. So that confirms that I do not have psychic powers – damn. If you are wondering if you need psychic powers to know when I do get a heart, the answer is no. Many of you are on an e-mail distribution list, and my good friend Marguerite is going to post something here on my blog when the time comes. We’ll see if her grammar and wit hold up under pressure.

Every day of this wait for my new heart makes me more passionate about organ donation. Only 37% of the US population is registered to donate organs. Why isn’t it 100%, or at least 50%? Thousands of people die every day in this country. Most are not eligible to donate organs anyway, but many are. 18 people die every day waiting for an organ transplant. This is a solvable problem. We all wish there were cures for cancer and AIDS and MS and diabetes. Unfortunately, there aren’t yet. But there IS a cure for the shortage of organs – more donors. Please encourage your friends and family to consider organ donation. has answers to any questions you may have about organ donation.

As of June 11, there are 32 people waiting for heart transplants in New Jersey. Ten of these (myself included) are my blood type and my status or above. Maybe I’m next.

I wonder why they call sick people “patients”. This patient ain’t patient.


  1. That is one thing I HATED-you never know when you will be called and it's like you want to get the call to get everything over with-but you don't want the surgery.
    I also think it is shocking that there is such a low % of donors, I have just been raised with the mindset that you help others and one of the ways to help others is to donate life. I read in Aan and Isa Stenzel's blog that there were only like 9 donors in Japan in 2009(because of cultural and religious beliefs).
    I volunteer with the CTDN and when I talk to people in public about donation-it amazes me the myths people believe.
    Anyways, the call will come soon and it will be the perfect heart for you!

  2. Once you clear this next hurdle, I look forward to seeing the change I am sure you will impact in the world with your passionate advocacy of organ donation. Your friends and coworkers are all chomping at the bit to get behind any initiatives you want to champion... perhaps you should start by selling graphic tees to promote organ donation? I know quite a few people who want to buy their Team Andrea shirts...

  3. As I write this (belatedly), you are hospitalized with a PICC line infection. The good news is that your "neighbor" has just taken the trip to the OR to get her new heart. I wish her everything good--and hope you are next.

    I love you, Mom