Thursday, November 4, 2010

Heart Walk 2010

I’ll keep this short and sweet – the pictures tell a better story than I could anyway! Thanks to MANY friends and family members, I was able to raise $3320 for the American Heart Association (and that’s before any company matching programs)! Our team of 10.5 (ten adults and a baby) crossed that finish line with no problem! My sneaky mom even came into town and surprised me at the walk! It was pretty great to get that 5k walk under my belt – now I look forward to a 5k run. Probably WAY forward, but I’ll get there. So far I’ve jogged four minutes in a single work out, two minutes consecutively.

Thank you again to all of the generous donors and a HUGE thank you to Team Andrea:

Mom – VP, Surprise
Marguerite – Fashion Director & Surprise Coordinator
Chris – Manager, Halloween Hair
Breezy – Director of Photography
Nick – Senior Assistant to the Photographer & Chauffeur (for better or worse)
Karin – Manager, Team Spirit
Marion – Manager, Entertainment
Kara – Manager of Two Below Team Members
Sean – Manager of Four Letter Words
Ryan – Cutest Team Mascot Ever


  1. Andrea,

    In a word ....... AWESOME!!!!

    What a great looking team!!

    May you continue your rapid climb back to "normal".

    Hugs, D

  2. You rock my socks! What great photos from a great event. Any chance you guys are selling t-shirts for people who weren't able to come, but would love to support the cause?

  3. LOL @ the team members. LMAO at Kara "manager of the two below"