Sunday, August 7, 2011

Veni, Vidi, Vici...Almost

I will hereby admit my delinquency in this public forum: I have not thanked the majority of the people that contributed to the Share NJ 5k that took place in June. I’m officially now two months late (my mama taught me better!!). Despite what my tardiness may imply, I am incredibly grateful to all of you who contributed to this great cause! In total, our team raised a whopping $2,550 and the event – in its inaugural year – raised over $450,000!

In alphabetical order: THANK YOU.

Rob Anderson, Karin Bergqvist, Barbara Brewer, Ioana Brooks, Ivy Brown, Sally Bublinec, Jan Carlin, Scott Creighton, Anca Deliu, Debbie DeStasio, Lawanna Dimmerling, Kacey Dreby, Jennifer Ferrazza, Ann and Tom Fuller, Scott Fuller, Ross Fuller, Sal Giovine, Amanda and Wes Givens, Marion Guill, Ramona and Alvan Hampton, Rita Harris, Julia Healy, Fred Koberna, Marguerite and Chris Longo, Dawn Miles, Jana Morelli, Christine Musso, Tim O’Toole, Carla O’Brien, Tara Pullen, Amy Scalia, Jen Shrear, Kirsten Smith, Brieana Tascione, Fred Tewell, Johnelle Whipple, Jennifer Zangara

Those in blue made it to the race in person too! THANK YOU!
(If I missed anyone, I’m terribly sorry – the web site that captured this data was little tricky.)

After you all helped blow my fundraising goal out of the water, I was excited for the physical challenge. Apparently, the challenge of running a mile eleven months post-transplant was not enough for this girl, so I went and became very anemic to up the ante. In all seriousness, the anemia made exercising much more difficult and has caused me to essentially halt all exercise since the 5k in June. But I was determined to give it my best shot anyway, and thanks to all of the support – especially from those who were able to join me for the run – I very nearly accomplished my goal of running that final mile. Marguerite (bless her heart) claims I did run the whole thing, but she’s being generous as usual.

As with most of my recovery since July of 2010, it wasn’t pretty but it was progress. And I fully intend to run at least two miles at this same event next year.

The finish line!
Visit PHOTO ALBUM on the left for more photos of the big day.

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  1. YAY. finally.
    I'm in agreement with Marg. you did the whole thing. it was like .999999 of a mile, I mean seriously, to not round up is plain ridiculous.
    I'm in for next year's 2miles