Sunday, September 4, 2011

Seven Months Ago Today...

Seven months ago today was National Wear Red Day for the American Heart Association's Go Red for Women movement. In keeping with my recent timeliness, I want to FINALLY share some awesome pictures from that day! In my defense, my good friend (to remain nameless…) took the great office pictures on February 4 and promptly suffered HTWTCA (How-To-Work-The-Camera-Amnesia), so I only received them a few weeks ago when her fabulous husband took matters into his own hands!

I was traveling by air on the big day back in February, which provided a captive audience for my awareness efforts. I had the lady in the window seat pinned in for a good two hours. I didn’t lay my whole story on her, but I did take the opportunity to [briefly] tell her about Go Red for Women and why it’s important to me.
My Go Red Outfit
Meanwhile, back at the office… I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. I think it's clear that these are some good friends!! (More pictures in photo album page.)

My good buddy Sean ended up staying home sick from work that day. However, thanks to his dedicated friendship (and probably the larger factor – his crazy competitive nature), he rocked his red outfit for the camera before conking out for the day.

Rico went Red remotely too! (Can't get the photo to work...)

And my wonderful cousin Emily dressed her precious little girls up in red for the occasion. Aren’t they sweet?!!

Thanks to all!

Also, mark your calendars: The American Heart Association Central NJ Heart Walk is on October 1. Click here to sign up to walk with our team (WE GOT THE BEAT) or click here to make a donation to this important cause. All support is appreciated!!

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