Saturday, November 12, 2011

Health Update & Miscellaneous Musings

Thanks for the outpouring of support after my last post, I really appreciated all of the emails and texts. It turns out my cortisol level is actually a little bit high, so that is most definitely not the cause of my fatigue. I am now spending an even unhealthier amount of time on webMD diagnosing myself with all sorts of mysterious diseases. I’m trying not to make myself completely crazy, but I will have plenty of ideas to discuss with my hematologist when I see him again early next month. If nothing comes out of that, I will likely see if I can get a full evaluation at the Mayo Clinic. I hear it’s a great time of year to visit Minnesota.


• I was totally wiped out after 15 minutes of playing fetch this morning. And I wasn’t even the one doing the fetching.

• Marguerite walked into my office the other day and said, “You look exhausted.” Uh, what’s your point?

• Amanda saw that I elected to put the maximum amount of money in my pre-tax health fund and said, “You put THAT much in your health account?” Um, have we met? I tend to have a few medical bills from time to time…

• Someone is clearly trying to sabotage my new diet plan by bringing leftover Halloween candy into the office every day. I successfully abstained from [amazingly mouth-watering delicious-looking] cupcakes TWICE last week, but those itty bitty teeny tiny candies can’t hurt me, right?

• I never thought taking pills four times a day would feel anything but cumbersome, but after a couple of months of taking meds six times a day, four feels like nothing. It’s all about perspective, I guess.

• I was going to write a post called “Beating the Odds – Part Deux” a few weeks ago but lost steam. Here’s the punchline: I got bed bugs in a hotel on a recent business trip. This was my SECOND encounter with these tiny creatures. Are you &%#@ing kidding me??!

Switching gears, a friend wrote me a note this morning and said, “I hope you find something in each day to be grateful for, whether big or small.” What a great charge for all of us, especially as Thanksgiving draws near.


  1. Andrea-- I have to tell you-- I saw your picture at the end of your post before reading your text, and I thought, "She is really getting behind this Twilight craze! Check out those neck puncture wounds!" :o) Hope you're hanging in, and that you get a doctor more pleasant than Hugh Laurie as you enter your "House" phase!

  2. Bed bugs?! UGH. I love hotels, but now I'm completely skeeved out!

    Which is not at all the point of your blog, right? I'm sorry to hear you're struggling with fatigue. Good for you for pushing to get all the assessment you need!

  3. Bed bugs again?!! Seriously! Were these a medical mystery like the first time? Maybe you need to start packing your mom's pillow on road trips. I miss you so much and can't wait to see you in ONE WEEK!!! I know I've got so much to be grateful for, and on the top of that list is you (Piper and I agree on this one!). Love you lady.

  4. Just seeing those bites makes me itch...ow ow ow!

    Good call on Mayo. I was really pleased with the care I got there...they are super thorough and really good at patient care. Let me know if you want to get the low down on my trip. Keep hunting girl!

  5. Andrea ~ You have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award ~