Sunday, August 15, 2010

I Hope You Never Know How Good People Are

I’ve been a cynic for most of my 29 years. While I’ve never presumed that people are inherently bad, I’ve certainly never given humanity credit for being particularly good. People are busy, and our survival instincts urge us to look out for #1 and those closest to us. But my new reality has revealed to me just how good people truly are.

I have received the most heart-warming and thoughtful notes from so many people. People I barely know. People I never particularly clicked with. Old friends from whom I’ve drifted apart. Strangers who have been through similar situations. Strangers who have simply heard my story. And of course my close friends and family. While I was in the hospital, I’m pretty sure I set a record for the number of e-cards received for a patient. Now that I’m home, the mailman probably wonders why I receive handfuls of greeting cards most days and frequent packages. The e-mails, Facebook notes and blog comments are equally as overwhelming.

I’ve found that when people sense tragedy or loss or a need of some kind, they respond. They want to help. This is how I would define “good” and this is what I’ve seen over the past ten months. An outpouring of good from all of you.

So no matter what your experience has been lately – you’ve probably fallen out of touch with people you once cared about – don’t assume it’s because they don’t care. They are just busy, as are you. If they find out you need help or support or encouragement, I’m certain they will reemerge by your side. I have witnessed the true good of people – the thoughtfulness, the generosity, the pure love – I just hope you never have a reason to see it first-hand the way I have.


  1. Very nicely said! I found myself thinking that when something or someone is important to someone I love, it becomes important to me. I learned early on how important you are in Marg and Chris's life. Glad to hear from them today that your recovery continues! Warm thoughts coming your way.


  2. Andrea,

    I'm not sure if I wrote a post similar to this one of yours 3 years ago or not, but I do remember those exact thoughts running through my mind.

    I'm still meeting people that I never knew that either prayed for me, or sent me a card during my transplant.

    I know I'm not as cynical these days. Guarded perhaps, but not cynical.

    Be well my friend.

    Heat hugs from me to you, Don

  3. Andrea, wishing you continued recovery. Your postings show so much strength, humor and (yes) grace during what must be such a difficult time!
    Best wishes and blessings!!!
    Frieda Parks

  4. That's so true!! I imagine all the sweet notes are written on a blanket and I'm all wrapped up in that love blanket when I'm in the hospital. :) SUCH a dweeb.
    I'm so glad you're getting all the notes, cards, messages, presents, and love you can handle! It's the bomb!

  5. What an uplifting message to take with me through today! You are a good person Dre! You are loved by so many, and I'm so glad to have the honor of even getting a glimpse of your journey through this blog. I got your card and can't believe you found the energy to write to me! Thank you so much! I cannot wait to hear how that first slice of heavenly NJ pizza tastes!!! XOXO

  6. Hi Andrea,
    Happy you are home! I have been following your blog.
    You are amazing.
    Love to you your mom and the rest of your family.

    Brenda Kanne