Saturday, July 24, 2010

Day 2

UPDATE FROM MARG - (Posting yesterday's update). Andrea's body continues to get stronger. Yesterday they removed her chest tubes and weaned her down to only 2 of the 12 IV medications she had been taking. She sat upright in a chair for several hours, which is terrific progress. Andrea's chest is hurting her quite a bit, so her doctors are adjusting her pain medications to see if they can make her more comfortable. She will remain in the ICU through the weekend, which is good news since the nurse/ patient ratio is lower in the ICU than the step-down unit.

Yesterday she was flooded with e-cards, which I'm sure will help keep her spirits up. She hasn't had the strength to read them yet, but asked her mom to bring her glasses to the hospital, so hopefully this weekend she'll get a chance to flip through them all. Please keep all the well-wishes coming!

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