Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 5 - Out of the ICU!

UPDATE FROM MARG - Happy to report that Andrea has officially moved out of the surgical ICU and onto the regular cardiac step-down unit. She continues to feel good today and even ate a full dinner tonight - her first real meal since Tuesday night, and a critical milestone because it was her first meal without sodium restrictions since October! Next stop: that slice of pepperoni pizza she'd been dreaming about.

Andrea's iron levels have been low, so they gave her another unit of blood tonight. The doctors don't seem to be too concerned, and are keeping a close eye on her. Her nurse for the evening is named Dreamy, so she's hopeful that this means she'll finally get some sleep...

Many of you have been asking what you can do for Andrea & her folks. Right now, e-cards, comments on this blog, and prayers are the best offerings you can make. When she is released from the hospital, I am sure Andrea will appreciate any care packages you'd like to send her way, but in the meantime, please just keep cheering her on! Thanks for your continued well-wishes for our dear girl & her family.


  1. I hope the meal was DELICIOUS and so happy to hear you are out of ICU and that you have a nurse named Dreamy! I also hope that you are sleeping and resting as I type this. Big hugs, Lindsay

  2. Wow! Out of ICU! That is awesome! Hope your meal was really yummy and that tonight brings you a good night of sleep and rest! You are on your way to nothing but wonderful...including a big slice of pizza!!! :)

    Thoughts and Prayers continue to be with you,
    Bob & Melanie

  3. Continue to think of you everyday and look forward to Marg & Chris's updates (Marg blogs, Chris text's). So happy to hear of all your wonderful progress. I'm sure your meal tasted like heaven, even though it sounds like your mom did an amazing job at those sodium restricted meals!
    Continuing to send warm thoughts your way!

  4. Todd and I think about you all the time and axiously await Marg's updates everyday. Delighted to hear how well you doing and can't wait to pay you a visit. We take off on a trip to Machu Picchu next week to hike the Inca trail!When we get back we would love to come visit, tell you our hiking (mis)adventures, and most importantly hear how you are doing. XXOO!

  5. This is wonderful news AF, keep trucking along. I know that slice of pizza is in your near future. Heck have two! Ironically, since the day of your surgery, Josh & Owen have been choosing the two books that you gave them as babies, and have been reading them once a day. They ask me, "Miss Andrea has a heart?" I say, yes she does boys!!! We love you! Denise

  6. You go, girl! This is great news, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you get your pepperoni pizza soon!

  7. Andrea!
    Hope you continue to feel better and better and that you slept last night. Keep up the great work - you are making huge strides. Thinking of you constantly and sending love, hugs and dreams of pizza and Quizno's.
    You're a champ!
    Lots of love,

  8. Thanks to all of you. Andrea reads your messages. She will be at home soon.

  9. Bonjour Andrea. Laps around the floor, now pepperoni pizza! . . . just when does the red wine drinking start? (medical evidence suggests it is very good for the heart). So very happy you are doing well. Would like more details on Nurse Dreamy - seems your experience may be too Grey's Anatomy. You and your family are and continue to be in my heart and prayers.