Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 6 - Cheeseburger in Paradise

UPDATE FROM MARG - Very short update tonight as things are progressing smoothly at the hospital. Our girl enjoyed a delicious cheeseburger from Rafferty's for dinner tonight. And I'm guessing that it tasted better than any cheeseburger any of us have ever had.

She was a little uncomfortable with pain today, but otherwise recovery is going smoothly. Nurse Dreamy did her job last night and Andrea finally got a good night's sleep. The doctors are hoping to spring her from the hospital on Thursday - fingers & toes crossed that all continues to go well. Many thanks on Andrea's behalf for all the great comments & well wishes - please keep them coming!


  1. This is such great news! I hope the recovery continues to progress so Andrea can enjoy sleeping in her own bed at home asap!

  2. I hope someone takes video or photos of Andrea savoring those first few bites. Especially if the long-awaited pepperoni pizza hasn't been consumed yet. Fingers crossed for Thursday!

  3. Wow, that's amazing! You can get a whole new heart and go home in 10 days. God is good.

    Love the cheeseburger story!

  4. Andrea - I love reading these positive updates and I'm so happy to hear you'll be home soon! Thinking of you.

  5. Andrea -- I was so excited to read about your cheeseburger dinner!!! even though you know or may not know that i don't eat pork or beef i can only imagine how delicious that greasy meat feast was for you!!!
    Maybe the iron in the meat will help with your iron levels!
    I am so happy to hear (and read) how well you are doing! stay strong and positive!!!

  6. Fingers and toes are crossed for you going home on Thursday! How nice it will be for you to sleep in your own bed! So happy to read of your amazing progress! Lovin' that you were able to eat a cheeseburger! Keep that awesome positive attitude as it is serving you well!!!

    Bob & Melanie

  7. Dre! You with the cheeseburger is the best image of all time! We're loving the positive updates and continue to cheer you on!


    Elizabeth & David

  8. Dre,
    Just discovered your blog and read it all nonstop in one night! I can't believe your amazing story and your great humor throughout. I'm so thrilled to be hearing about your recovery and cheeseburger-eating! Best wishes for a happy homecoming today!
    Thinking of you,
    Steph (Burliss) Silver

  9. A cheeseburger a day keeps the doctor away! Delighted to hear the continued good news. You are an inspiration to us all! Keep it up.

  10. Dre, As a cheeseburger connoisseur, I'm elated to hear of your dinner. Here is to years and years of cheeseburgers to come. XOXO, Laura