Wednesday, February 2, 2011

This Friday Is National Wear Red Day!

This Friday (2/4/11) is not only the day that I fly south in search of warmer weather (and people who want to buy what I sell) – it’s also National Wear Red Day! This special day takes place on the first Friday of February each year to raise awareness of heart disease being the #1 killer of women and to raise funds to further the fight against heart disease.

I’ll be rocking my red and screaming my story (as usual!) and ask that you join me. Would you commit to telling at least two people some simple facts on Friday? Spreading information is the first step in fighting heart disease! For the record, I already have one friend that essentially converted her office into a heart disease awareness center (you da man, Dawn!) and another (to remain anonymous) who has promised to wear red undies – can you top these guys?! I would LOVE to see some fun/crazy “I wore red and_________________” stories in the comments! (For those technically-impaired, e-mail me and I will post the goods myself!)


• Heart disease is the #1 killer of women.
• More women die from cardiovascular disease than from the next four causes of death combined – including all forms of cancer.
• A woman dies from cardiovascular disease every minute.
• Only 1 in 5 women believes heart disease is her greatest health threat.


Since my end-stage heart failure was originally misdiagnosed, spreading awareness of symptoms is particularly important to me so that people can advocate for themselves in the future. My story could have been very different if I had recognized my symptoms.

Heart Failure

• Shortness of breath, especially while lying flat
• Swelling due to fluid retention (often in the legs and other limbs, mine first showed up in my abdomen)
• Increased heart rate
• Tiredness, fatigue; persistent coughing or wheezing; lack of appetite, nausea

Heart Attack

• Chest discomfort (pressure, squeezing, fullness or pain)
• Upper body discomfort (one or both arms, back, neck, jaw, stomach)
• Shortness of breath
• Cold sweat, nausea; lightheadedness

I am so grateful for all of the support thus far in joining the fight against heart disease and driving awareness of organ donation. I hope you will join me in wearing red on Friday! For more information, go to



  1. :) that's for the shout out. GO RED!

  2. Andrea,

    I'm sorry I can't tell you a story that includes , ahem, the fine garment that accompanied your prose.

    Happily, last Friday was Go Red For Women. We have our power back, we had some tempratures north of 25 for the first time in a while. I wore red, as did the COE (Chief Of Everything) as we vetured out of the house for the day. The first place we stopped was a local restaurant for lunch. We hadn't there very long when a woman in her later 70's came in and sat near us. After a few minutes, she called over to us, "Do you both have red on for women's heart issues?" We nodded and I got up from our booth, walked over to her, reach into my pocket and retrieved a DonateLife Lapel pin, which is the depiction of a heart, with green ribbon on each side. I gave the lady the pin and asked her if should would like to have this?

    She smiled and said yes! I could see her eyes welling with tears, and she came to thank both of us. It didn't take the COE (Chief Of Everything) told her the "Cliff's Notes" version of my story.

    It was only a minute or two and we were both crying. If our own way, we had beaten back the grim reaper.

    While my day didn't include beautiful women's undergarments, I was very happy to make some else smile. (I gave 3 other pins away on Friday .... all to women that had/have a heart issue).

    I'll have to email you the picture of the pin.

    Hugs, DAP

  3. Just now seeing your post but was thinking of you and sharing your miracle with my co-workers on the 4th when all of us wore RED for women's heart awareness!It was neat seeing so many women in red and it wasn't Christmas! Glad all is going so well for you! Love, Linda